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A physician who cares about you

Dr. Salguero is both caring and experienced. He has been trained in a wide variety of treatments and medical practices. When you’re in his care, he will always put your wellbeing first.

A wide range of treatments

3 convenient waiting rooms

We have 29 years of experience diagnosing and treating adolescents for a wide range of diseases; including sexually transmitted disease, contraceptive care, diabetes, mental illness, depression, hypertension, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, as well as nutrition care.

For your convenience and safety, our office has 3 waiting rooms available. This minimizes your exposure to sicknesses from other patients and cuts down on waiting times.

We’re always prepared for any situation that walks into our office, visit us today!


We’ll take care of you

At Pediatrics Cool Care, we put the care of our patients first and foremost. There is a physician in the clinic at all times, as well as 3 nurse practitioners and a pediatrician.